State Of The Art In Bone Regeneration And Implant Dentistry


Fredag d. 16 juni – Prof. Alessandro Pozzi

9.30-11.00 State of the art in Implant dentistry, from planning for esthetics to soft tissue shaping and conditioning

11.30-13.00 Treatment planning complex cases, from the single tooth to full mouth rehabilitations

13.00-13.30 Discussion

13.30-14.30 Lunch

14.30-17.30 Workshop on pc provided by NobelBiocare on planning easy and complex cases / Placing dental implants with surgical guides on plastic models

17.30-18.00 Discussion and end of the day

19.00 19.30 Happy hour and then dinner in a typical Sardinian restaurant


Lørdag d. 17 juni – Dr. Roberto Rossi

9.30-11.00 State of the art in Guided Bone Regeneration, the ‘Cortical Lamina technique’ a new modern approach for horizontal and vertical ridge defects

11.30-13.00 Live op treatment of a severe ridge defect with the cortical lamina technique

13.00-13.30 Discussion

13.30-14.30 Lunch

14.30-16.00 State of the art in Guided Tissue Regeneration, saving periodontally compromised teeth reality not fantasy. Updates on materials and methods

16.30-17.30 Workshop on plastic models for the treatment of infra bony defects and severe ridge defects with the cortical lamina, TSV gel, GenOs and MP3 bone grafts

17.30-18.00 Discussion and conclusions

19.00-19.30 Happy hour and then graduation dinner in a typical Sardinian restaurant



16. juni – 17. juni 2017


Prof. Alessandro Pozzi

Graduated with honors in dentistry at the University of Roma Sapienza.
Specialized in Orthodontics at the University of Palermo, certificate in Implantology at the Misch Institute in Detroit, Phd at UCLA . He is professor in many different universities in Italy and abroad. Global speaker for Nobel Biocare and one of the most expert clinicians in CAD/CAM technologies.

Dr. Roberto Rossi

Graduated with honors in dentistry at the University of Genova. Specialized in Peridontology and received the Master degree in Periodontology at Boston University. Active in the field of clinical research in regenerative techniques since 1992, author of the chapter on guided tissue regeneration in the book Bone Biomaterials and Beyond. Global speaker in GTR and GBR. Author of many publications in the field of regeneration and also of esthetic dentistry.